Simple is Beautiful

ありのままの自分で 質の良い”自分時間”を持つことはより生きることをシンプルにしてくれます。このスタジオは、「忙しい日々から自分を切り離す」そういった機会を提供する場です。心地いい日の光、アロマ、音楽が作り出す静かでリラックスしたこのスタジオでヨガを満喫してください。

The simplicity of life is being who you really are and having quality “ME TIME”.This place gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from this hectic world.Enjoy yoga in this quiet and relaxing atmosphere with beautiful sunlight, aroma and music.



Balance and Harmony



This material world we all live in gives us a lot of pressure and ongoing tasks.Fast paced life, working too hard, and no time to rest/do nothing can cause imbalanced state.Yoga stands on my own method can help you to center and brings balance and harmony back to your body and mind.


New Vision



I decided to take my teaching into the NEXT LEVEL by opening a new luxurious private yoga studio. Though I am enjoying teaching in a group classes, I believe one on one session meets your needs more and brings you the best outcome.The class designed for your needs will appeal to the six senses and improve your life quality.My vision is to help you to improve your life and guide you from where you are to where you should beto find your life purpose.


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